INSIDE Program Application Requirements

To qualify for oral interview an applicant must complete the application and meet the following basic requirements unless he or she has a minimum of two thousand (2000) hours of substantiated electrical construction work experience or has previous military experience as outlined in number 6 below.

  1. A Processing Fee of $30 is due, and payable at the time of application.
  2. Applicant must be a high school graduate or have a G.E.D. and be at least 17 years of age at the time of application.
  3. Applicant must have completed one full year of high school algebra with a grade of “C” or better, or one post high school algebra course with a grade of “C” or better, or provide evidence of having successfully completed the NJATC Tech Math Course.
  4. Applicant must be a legal resident of IBEW Local #16 jurisdiction which comprises the following counties:

    • Crawford
    • Davies
    • Dubois
    • Gibson
    • Lawrence
    • Martin
    • Orange
    • Perry
    • Pike
    • Posey
    • Spencer
    • Vanderburgh
    • Warrick


    • Wabash

    (Applicant may be asked for proof of residency).

  5. To qualify to take the aptitude test, applicants must have the following documents turned into the J.A.T.C. office within 28 days of applying:
    1. Official high school transcript – submit in a sealed envelope.
    2. G.E.D. (and documentation of algebra requirement listed in paragraph 3).
    3. Proof of age.
    4. Copy of valid driver’s license for the state in which the applicant resides.
    5. Copies of any other educational certificates (college, trade school, etc.). If the algebra requirement was achieved by a post high school course, an official transcript is required.
  6. A military veteran who completed military technical training school in a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) applicable to the electrical construction trade (as determined by the JATC), and can document a minimum of two (2) years of military experience in that MOS, will qualify for an oral interview by the JATC to be considered along with other qualified applicants.
  7. All qualified applicants will be required to take the NJATC Aptitude Test Battery (Sanctioned by the U.S. Dept. of Labor). Applicants are required to receive a minimum score of “4” or higher to be eligible for interview.
  8. A Test Processing Fee of $30 is due, and payable by check or money order, the day of testing for those applicants meeting the minimum requirements as listed above.
  9. Minimum age for indenture is 18 years of age.
  10. Applicants selected for apprenticeship will be required to provide results of a physical exam. (At the applicant’s expense).
  11. All applicants selected for the apprenticeship program will be required to submit to a urinalysis test for substance abuse as a condition of initial and ongoing indentureship. (At the J.A.T.C.’s expense).
  12. All applicants accepted and indentured must sign a Scholarship Loan Agreement.
  13. Applicants will be accepted without discrimination because of race, religion, national origin, age, or sex.

For further information call the J.A.T.C. office at (812) 422-3343.
Mail to: NECA-IBEW Electrical JATC, 2330 Lynch Road, Evansville, IN 47711